Trauma Management in the Workplace

Work related trauma such as being involved in, or witnessing a life-threatening situation, for example, a colleague dying, seriously getting hurt or losing one's work, can significantly impact an individual’s and fellow employees' work effectiveness. Failure to do the necessary trauma counseling can seriously hinder successful healing and has a negative impact on work performance.

Home related trauma such as physical abuse, armed robberies, death in the family, retrenchments, divorce, sexual abuse, etc., are all aspects that inflict intense emotional pain on individuals. People react differently to traumatic experiences. More often than not, individuals may appear well on the outside but can be emotionally “trapped” on the inside, which probably, without effective trauma debriefing, will have a detrimental effect on an individual’s general functioning.

Trauma counseling can be done in groups or individually and depends on the nature and intensity of the event. The process to be followed will be decided upon in conjunction with your management team.