Mind-shifting Workshop (The Fire-walk)

The goal of the workshop is to train individuals on why and how to make effective mind-shift, thus enabling them to comply with everyday challenges they are faced with in the work-, social and home life.

Mind-shifting offers a provocative re-training of how we look at reality, our lives and relationships. Its intention is to challenge our beliefs and thinking and, if necessary, change our way of thinking, therefore opening our mind to entirely new ways of thinking and acting, leading us to success!

The Mind-shifting workshop consists of six modules:

Module 1: Defining success and expected results and determining individual satisfaction levels.

Module 2: The role of Behaviour on success, measuring individuals Goal orientation and address effective Goal setting.

Module 3: Impact of attitude on success and identifying individuals attitude towards life.

Module 4: Importance of emotional IQ on performance and measurement of individual's Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Module 5: My brain, my thought process, perceptions, thought distortions coupled with valuable techniques to improve problem-solving.

Module 6: Preparing individuals for the fire-walk.

Applying the gained information and techniques to prepare and achieve the seemingly impossible.

Do the fire-walk (Preach to Practice)

Learning takes place through:

1. Theoretical input on important concepts

2. Personal evaluation of relevant concepts

3. Training DVD's and Clips

4. Practising and applying techniques leading to Success


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